Organisations function successfully when they have a well-balanced and optimised leadership and operating structure implemented to manage their business. To achieve this outcome, we support our clients in unlocking value around structure in respect to capability and capacity, high performing team environments, adequate and optimised resourcing and streamlined and functional supply chain operations.

Team Structure, Capability & Capacity

Post any strategic review process, the organisational structure has to be designed to fit the needs of the strategy and overarching business need. Our adopted approach is to intimately understand the skill sets required across a complex and diverse range of management roles within organisations and to ensure that the options and solutions recommended include adequate management capability and capacity for sustainable, long-term results.

Performance and Account Management

Within the context of an organisations structure, we develop an Performance Accountability Framework that allows our clients to ensure that there is a clear linkage between their employees performance objectives and KPI’s back to the strategy at both a macro/micro level and individual   and group level. This methodology is geared to ensuring that our clients are able to build High Performing Sustainable Teams.

Embedded Resourcing and People Development

Through our client partnerships, we provide experienced and highly qualified resources into our client sites. Whether this resource is temporary of permanent depends on the clients needs. We fulfill these types of roles particularly around the Facility Management Design & Construct Interface Model and where clients require insourcing Facility Management support.

Supply Chain Development

We work in collaboration with our clients to establish and / or develop their supply chain management solutions. This includes supporting clients on the development of social procurement, indigenous employment through to performance based contracting and procurement.