The definition of “Strategy” comes from the art of a troop leader or general. Strategy is important because the resources available to achieve the goals are generally limited. Understanding strategy execution is a primary step in any organisation. Our methodology is work with clients to develop strategies that will unlock value and deliver long-term, sustainable growth targets. This incorporates resources and capabilities, understanding the competitive landscape through to being clear about the unique value proposition.

Business Planning

From the creation of business strategy through collaborate workshops and stakeholder engagement, we develop Business Planning documents to enable clients to drive overall business performance including understanding critical success factors, goals and objectives, key enablers and risks.

Organisational Change

With the level of change within business generally, our approach is to understand the risk versus benefit of change and establish an option appraisal based on risk profiles relating to the change process. This allows our clients a clear line of sight in relation to the complexity and impact of change-based decisions.

Governance Framework

In partnership with clients, we design, develop and implement various types of Governance Frameworks to ensure strategic and tactical aspects of business are maintained, sustained and improved. This is particularly important where multiple activities or stakeholders are involved.

Cultural Assessment

In high performing organisations, a strong culture is inextricably linked to the strength of the results of that organisation. We have developed an online tool “Cultivate” that supports the way in which organisations can determine the strength of their culture and the extent of its application. It considers factors including “Right People, Right Roles” through to “Employee Value Proposition Impacts”.

Market Mapping and Reviews

Our broad knowledge of overall business and facility management industry allows us to provide clients with detailed levels of market intelligence including key organisations within different market sectors, their size, capacity and capabilities. This expertise supports client engaged in mergers and acquisitions.

Strategic Development Workshops

Whether a client is embarking upon a new strategic direction, revamping an existing strategy or combining strategies of their internal or external organisations, we have created a tried and tested methodology to facilitate, develop and establish key goals and objectives for organisations.