Typically, in many organisations processes, systems and enablers can hinder the ability of an organisation to achieve its strategic goals. Our approach and methodology is to take a detailed step by step assessment of understanding how and why process is important. This involves meticulous process mapping and tactical planning development to ensure processes are fit for purpose and meaningful to supporting the overall organisational goals.

Strategic Asset Management

Over recent years, we have established a Life Cycle modelling solution to Strategic Asset Management. This provides clients with options as to where they decide to budget and optimise facility and maintenance spend over long periods e.g. Public Private Partnerships of 30 years.

Luminaire take the standard Asset Management Plan and provide a business overlay applying the “Strategy”. This ensures that development, maintenance, renewal and disposal considerations are applied to optimise the whole of budget costs. Key considerations include demand analysis, functionality, building characteristics and financial factors to provide a decision tree to determine property strategy.

Risk Mitigation Planning

Developing strategies and plan aligned to ISO 31000 forms a core part of mitigating risk for clients. This incorporate risk tolerance and risk appetite and developing robust process to manage risk across the portfolio.

Technology and Workflow Optimisation

With our extensive knowledge of technology in the field of Facility Management, we provide clients with a detailed review and assessment process to ensure that the business need is matched with system functionality. This provides a framework to build optimised workflows and processes that build value into the overall technology solution.

Financial Modelling and Data Analytics

Through our highly experienced business analysts and tools, we provide clients with innovative dashboards and solutions to providing real-time reporting. Luminaire can unpack and re-pack data sets and information that enable better decision making for our clients.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Our approach is to understand the key objectives and goals of our clients in terms of ESG and create a Policy, Framework and Operating Plan to achieve tangible outcomes in relation to Environmental Sustainability and Net Zero, Energy & Water Consumption, Waste, Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Pay Gap, Health & Safety, Human Rights, Ethics and Modern Slavery, Charity and Community and Employee Engagement. This approach provides competitive advantage to our clients.