Strategic Review and Change Management

Wyndham City Council (Council) engaged Luminaire to assess how the Facilities Management unit can be re-imagined to deliver a high-value service to the organisation and community, together with ensuring that it has a contemporary approach and supports Wyndham to be a leader in facility asset management services. Following this phase, Luminaire were subsequently engaged to provide procurement and change management support.

Council required a FM service that responded to the needs of the city’s services, but too often the combination of city growth and additional responsibilities placed on the team hamper the ability to do this in the best way. The purpose of the engagement was to re-imagine the facilities management unit through the development of a business case, to ensure the service model was set up to provide a customer first approach for the future, where the Facilities Management Unit works more closely with service owners to achieve organisational objectives, and the strategy to respond to growth of the city is firmly in mind, within the limitations of funding constraints. The review covered the core areas of people, systems and processes.

The core deliverable was a Change Management business case with options appraisals, risk assessment and implementation plan. 

Luminaire was consequently engaged to support and mentor Council through the change process.

Lessons learned in delivering this project include:

  • An empathetic engagement approach ensures engagement of all employees through the review process
  • Stage gates to test findings and recommendations allows refinement and mitigates change risk
  • Long term partnering is required to support change requirements
  • Every client situation is different and therefore all delivery models including insourcing is required to be tested
  • A review of people, process and systems is required to ensure a holistic view of high performance and opportunities for improvement
Wyndham City Council